AK Triggers….

One of the main complaints I hear from the AR world about the AK is the trigger.  It’s mushy, it’s long, it’s gritty….and there is some truth in that.  One of the toughest things to learn is that with an AK you have to pull through the shot at a constant rate, not just pull to it.  For those accustomed to a two-stage trigger this is a difficult adjustment.

As far as the grit and mush: that IS something you can change.  There are a couple companies offering aftermarket triggers costing $100 or more, or you can take care of it yourself.  Before you start on this keep in mind I am not a gunsmith and you likely aren’t either; what I am suggesting is a simple principle.  Friction is the enemy.  Pull your trigger group out an look at it under good light.  Chances are even if you have a US-made trigger the casting is rough.  Theoretically if you were to remove that roughness your trigger would feel a bit better.

Another option is to get a different trigger spring from somewhere like Carolina Shooting Supply.  Those springs are inexpensive and do a great job of lightening the pull required, but keep in mind that same spring is also what gives your hammer strength.  If you weaken the spring pressure you also run the risk of soft primer strikes and reducing the “it eats anything” feature of your AK.  Take a look at my results and how I got it done.


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