Glock Improvements

This week I took a look at some of the “performance” parts I had collected over the years.  I wanted to compare the different trigger connectors from Double Diamond, Zev Tech, and different Glock made parts.  I also set the Fulcrum trigger and troublesome Pyramid trigger up against a couple Glock models.  In the tests the only pure metric I could provide for you was trigger pull, though we know there’s more to it that than.  Trigger pre and over travel, the crispness and predictability of the break, and so on, and so on.  After playing with all the parts I think I was left less certain than more as to which combination I like the best, and in the end that’s what it all really boils down to; using what you like.  Respond below with what you use and why.

The link below will get you to the play list.


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