Can You See it? Handgun Sights

There are many modifications and customizations that we can do to our handguns to make them just the way we want them, but I doubt any are as apparent to the user as the sights. A proper set of sights can make target acquisition quicker, or help us tighten up our shot group. The right set of sights can also aid aging eyes or make it easier to aim in low-light situations.

This discussion came to mind when I was given a great set of night sights for my competition gun. I’ve found in the past that there is a balance to be had when selecting sights, but realized that only after having purchased a few different types. The breakdown is simple: broader, brighter sights are easier to acquire, but can obstruct your view of the target if it’s small or far. Narrow, definitive sights take a little longer to line up, and may disappear on a target, but will also give you a better idea of where you’re aiming. To demonstrate this I made a short video, please comment with your experiences:


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