A Tale of Two Poppers

We all know that practice makes perfect, but seldom WANT to practice, even firearms practice can be dull or draining. So how do we make it more interesting? Shooting with friends who also value the skill set can be a lot of fun, all it takes is a little competition to liven things up, that also means an increase in the amount of targets required, or at least wear on the targets (If your opponent is any good). I’ll share some of my favorite drills and games with you later, but the one I’d like to focus on today is the auto-popper.

Auto-poppers give us the audible feedback of a hit with that wonderful “ting!” when a round hits, and also give us a visual confirmation as they knock back and stand back up again. The latter part is what makes them especially valuable. No more walking down range to reset a target after a hit. That walk wastes time, almost feels like punishment for making a good shot sometimes, and depending on where you shoot might also be putting you at risk when some yahoo idiot decides it’s ok to start shooting again and you’re not back from the target reset.

Although I’ve been shooting for years, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of auto-poppers that were both small and light enough to be practical and also affordable. I jumped on a sale that MGM Targets had a while back, scored one of theirs for just under $100, and felt pretty smug about it. Not a week later I saw some on sale for less than $50 on www.sportsmansguide.com. Neither site divulged what type of steel the targets were made of and they appeared to be the same thing; even more so once I opened the boxes.

I took them out to a quarry and tested them out to see what the difference really was. Which have you tried out?


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