What’s in a gun?

As a working stiff I’ve always tried to shoot on a budget.  Selecting the less expensive caliber to shoot, or cheaper firearm if I can has worked out for me for plinking, but as I’ve become more competitive and my ability has matched that of the firearm I’ve started to look into some of the higher-end firearms.  I’m not talking about more expensive brands per se, rather boutique arms made by skilled craftsmen.  My first glimpse into this was with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics.  Even though I was coming to him with my home-tuned AKs I wanted to know what the difference was between the WASR I bought used for a couple hundred dollars and one of his pieces that run a couple thousand.  He was kind enough to show me exactly what the difference was and I was impressed.  I wasn’t filming at the time, but was able to film when Sam McAllister of STS Arms in Oregon took the time to show me the difference in their products.  As you may have recognized I’m not the biggest fan of the AR platform, in fact have done my best to avoid it, but the work they put into theirs warranted a look.  I was so impressed that I’ve turned the visit into a video series that is in progress as I type this.  I do not own any of their products and was in no way endorsed for this; what you see is exactly what I saw.  I was impressed and think you will be too.


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