A Day with Fire Mountain Outdoors

There wasn’t a video published this past weekend as I was invited to hang out with Bob and Mark from Fire Mountain Outdoors. If you haven’t seen their channel before please check it out via the link below. It was a great time shooting and talking with a couple of true Pacific Northwest outdoor fanatics. I was able to provide them with some less-common AK variants, my VEPRs.

We shot and filmed my sweetheart 5.45×39 VEPR, thunderous 7.62x54R VEPR, and of course the destruct-o-matic VEPR 12. The weather held off for us just long enough to do the outdoor portion of it before the weekend’s estimated 2-3” of rain hit. All-in-all it was a great day of shooting and gun chat.

Fire Mountain Outdoors is a Pacific Northwest native channel that covers just about anything related to the shooting world through reviews and tests. Their videos are light-hearted but cover the important things you typically want to know when considering a new product be it a pistol, rifle, or a brass mower. Check out their channel for the VEPR videos and other great content.



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