Getting it all Within Reach

Sometimes a handgun fits all your needs, and your hand, but the controls don’t quite, or maybe that gun is your only option. Fortunately there are some fixes out there for common models like the Glock 19. Erika is a great shot, but has been hampered by (fortunately) not having Austrian sized hands. The result is that she can’t hit the mag release on her Glock 19 without having to shift her grip. Ideally she wouldn’t need to in a defensive situation, but most of our shooting is at places like Front Sight or in competitions where that extra second costs here dearly. There are a few options out there and we decided to try out the extended magazine release from the Glock Store. I finally got around to installing it which, like most things Glock, was surprisingly simple and anyone can do at home. Have you ever struggled to reach a control? What was your solution? Installation instructions and tips can be seen in our video below.


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