A Different Way to Train, and the Shooter’s Lifestyle

I recently took a tour of a local facility called Threat Dynamics and was quite impressed.  They seem to have nailed down the modern shooter’s lifestyle in a civilized, non-redneck kind of way.  The place was super clean, professional, and serious about firearms.  Intelligent staff in polo-shirts and slacks, everything well lit, and safety as a paramount without being a kill-joy about it.  What really took me was their simulators using real handguns converted to work with their system of hundreds of interactive scenarios and target types.  While you shoot the staff member can change the path of the scenario based on your actions and training goals an afterwards review your performance.  It also seems like a great way to train armed citizen and law enforcement personnel without worrying about an ammo count or even having to clean up afterwards, especially considering it’s all indoors, clean, and dry.  I don’t know how many similar places are out there, but if you’re ever in the Portland, OR area I highly recommend stopping by.  You can see my review in the video below.


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