What’s the Point of a Go-Bag?

Are you ready? What are you ready for? What would you do? What would you need? These are all questions that at one point or another run through an intelligent and aware person’s mind after they encounter an alarmingly unforeseen event. Preparedness/Prepping has become a piece of pop-culture since the big scare that the world was going to end, then the other scare, then the next one….

I decided to get a “go bag” after we had a terrorist threat at work. A man in his young to mid-twenties with a beard and enraged look in his eye had ridden his bike by our windows a couple times while shooting at us with a finger gun. The third time he did it a coworker was outside on a smoke break and warned the guy that he shouldn’t do that, especially towards an office filled with veterans. The guy muttered some obscenities and then said he was going to blow us all up and took off. The Police decided to show up this time but neither they, nor the FBI were able to find him. A few days later that same coworker walked across the street and asked the gas-station attendant if he could take a look at the security footage. Sure enough there was plenty of clear shots of the guy. That footage was turned over to the authorities…

That sage goes on for a while, but the point is I realized that it might not hurt to have a good fighting carbine, some ammunition, and a trauma/first aid kit handy that could cover more than scrapes and bruises. Having been a fan of Ares Armor and their fight against the BATFE I decided to see what they had to offer. I bought their Tactical Go Bag and was pleased with most of the features. I’ve since used it as a Go-bag in the trunk and a mini range bag for plinking out in the woods. I don’t know how much longer Ares Armor will be in business, but suggest watching the video and considering the features the bag has and doesn’t have when you are shopping for a bag.



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