The Magpul Expansion

Magpul is the king of Tacticool and has capitalized on both great products and trends. I used the original Mag-pull trend on my first deployment in 2005. Our vest pouches were often too tight for easy removal of magazines and so we put a strip of 550 chord (string) on the bottom; pinched in by the floor plate and instantly we had something to tug on, a mag pull. I don’t know if they did it first but Magpul soon offered plastic pulls that could be attached to a magazine. I didn’t buy into them as by that time my gear had stretched and new gear was cut slightly larger so that the GI magazines fit just fine. Ironically if you had a thicker polymer magazine, like a P-Mag it was too tight and you needed something to tug on.

Fast forward a decade and Magpul is a company known for making just about anything you can put on or near an AR-15. Having conquered that realm they’ve begun moving into the AK and Glock world. Their early AK mags lacked the metal reinforcement in the locking tabs and so eventually broke. They’ve remedied that, but not yet included a window to show your round count. I suppose they’ll wait until sales dwindle then release a new “generation” of magazine having suddenly reinvented what they had already been doing for AR magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the company for the money they’ve made, especially with the tacti-cool wave that hit the civilian market in which everyone wanted to look like their favorite video game or movie star. It was perfect timing as the military sales were on their way down with the wars winding down.

Just recently thy released a magazine for the Glock 17 for about $15. That’s a good price for a magazine and as we all know you can never have too many magazines. When we first got the magazine I was not surprised to see that they had omitted the fancy window, but was surprised to see they hadn’t bothered to even put holes for round-count viewing. Even ProMag does that with their $15 magazines. Promag also changed the floor plate, making it easier to remove, but also incompatible with any existing accessories. They will, no doubt, resolve both of these issues with future “generations”. I did notice that the front lip of the magazine was also a bit tall, making it a it tougher to load the last round, and probably the cause of the feeding issues that are rumored to have caused the recall. For my full review see the video below.


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