A Safer Glock?

We all know that safety is paramount with firearms, in fact we know it so well that when combined with some of the negative media and other cultural influences out there some people are afraid to even touch a firearm. That attitude is not going to save them or their family when the need comes for a firearm so getting past that fear is almost as important as respecting the firearm in the first place.

Among the safeties available on handguns Glock’s “Safe-Action” trigger system is one of the most difficult for people new to firearms to get comfortable with. As logic stands anything that was going to bump or pull on the trigger is likely to do it across the face of the trigger be it a wad of clothing or a toddler that has discovered an unsecured gun. Though I feel there is no safety device that can completely eliminate the risk associated with ignorance or stupidity, Lone Wolf Distributors has a product called Siderlock that may help.

The Siderlock is a replacement trigger piece for Glock pistols that contains a cross-bar type safety like you’d find on some older rifles. Push the button from the right side of the gun to unlock the trigger, push the button from the left side to engage the safety and effectively lock the trigger from any movement. This is a simple and very effective way to add an external safety to a Glock pistol without any permanent modification.

I will say though that installation albeit simple was difficult. Lining up holes mostly in the blind to push a small pin through proved more difficult than my hands wanted to do at that moment. After taking a break I got it installed and was impressed with how solidly it locks the trigger in place. It was easy to disengage and I would feel comfortable carrying with one in the chamber with this device on AFTER extensive training and drills.

My logic stopped me there. What is the difference between training to use this device and training to use the gun as it came from the factory? Personally I didn’t need to answer that question as I no longer carry a Glock, but the question does linger. I think this product is a great idea if there is a new shooter or gun owner who isn’t comfortable with the Glock trigger, or as a cheap piece of extra insurance.   What do you think? The review can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9v4x7FJbJI


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