I wish someone had shown me this book years ago.

Established author and avid shooter Robert Kay has recently pieced together one of the most complete guides for a firearm I’ve ever encountered and it happens to be for one of my favorite firearms to boot! How To Buy an AK goes above and beyond just what to look for and includes the knowledge that usually takes most shooters quite a while and a few hundred dollars’ worth of mistakes to learn.

Such a wealth of information was compiled into one source that is easy to read and includes plenty of pictures to clarify and enhance your understanding of the world’s most produced and yet often misunderstood firearm. How did he do it? Rather than reprint fan-boy rants from the internet Rob took it upon himself to interview the top-dogs in the industry, even giants that rival one another in their markets, and pick their brains for the wisdom they quietly acquired over years of experience. While most American shooters were too busy finding their favorite AR accessory in the latest tacticool color men like Jim Fuller and Marc Krebs were quietly working away on what was often referred to as, “the enemy’s gun”, and learning not just why so many nations had adopted the AK, but also identifying how to improve it.

Kay’s book is invaluable for newcomers and established shooters alike. Rather than be filled with documentary-like facts easily found elsewhere it more resembles the comfortable and invaluable chat you would hope to have with a true professional of this field who cares about helping you find and tune your next Kalashnikov rifle. Several accessories from many different manufacturers are mentioned in a way that informs the reader of their existence without feeling like biased advertising. If you own, or are contemplating owning a Kalashnikov series rifle Kay’s collection of information serves as the perfect guide for getting to know your rifle better and how to make it truly your own.


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