SHOT Show 2016 Conclusions.

This was my first year attending SHOT show and it was quite an experience.  I came intending to provide the typical noisy new product coverage for you all, but in the end decided not to.  Not only were the crowds not the most conducive to filming, but I felt ti wouldn’t be a good representation of the products.  Handling a firearm without a firing pin that is tethered to a booth is hardly the way to get a feel for it’s functionality and potential use to you.  Instead I focused on meeting the representatives of several companies and either establishing or strengthening relationships with them.  In all I made agreements with 23 firearms manufacturers, 20 ammunition manufacturers, and 10 makers of parts, gear, and accessories.  Time will tell if they remain true to their word or not.  This marks the start of a new era in GBGuns.  We will no longer be limited to products I can find and afford, and will be sent items for test and evaluation.

No-Sugar-Added is still our slogan, and we will never become one of those media outlets that merely provides advertising for companies.  You can rest assured that when others fluff, we will still give true evaluations combine my years of experience and Erika’s non-professional perspective.  We’ll just be spending less time shopping and more time providing you the information you’re looking for.

I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of big names in the industry.  Quality time was spent with Fire Mountain Outdoors, Rob Kay, The AK Guy, TheHossUSMC, and IraqVeterean8888 while I was able to get a quick hello in with James Yeager, Hank Strange, GY6 Vids, AK Operators Union, and others.  In the end it was a great trip that would not have been possible without readers like you, our friends on Facebook, and most of all our viewers on YouTube.  My biggest thanks to all of you.  The future is bright and we hope you’re as excited as we are.  As always if you have a request just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

To our new friends in the industry: we look forward to handling your products, and appreciate that you are willing to take the challenge of a no-sugar-added review.


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