A Better Glock Magazine


Video Review can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YPJlXrYPLk

Glock is a brand that is known around the world for a lot of reasons. Some of us dislike the “block” for its feel in the hand, Spartan aesthetics, and boring design, but one thing that can never be denied is that they work! I tell customers on a regular basis that although I don’t carry a Glock anymore, nor am I a particular fan of them, but if the zombie apocalypse were to hit tomorrow I’m grabbing my Glock. In two words: they work. You just can’t kill a Glock. They’ll eat just about any ammo you put in them (assuming it’s the right caliber, and sometimes even when it’s not), you can maintain them at home cheaply and easily, and there is so much aftermarket support for them that you can actually build a complete “Glock” from aftermarket parts (see our coverage of the Timberwolf by Lone Wolf Industries).

One realm of aftermarket that has always been relatively dry has been magazines. Glock magazines are so reliable that there are many other gun manufacturers that build their systems to use Glock mags; it’s simply easier than being responsible for another failed magazine design. Some companies have strayed into the Glock magazine aftermarket and failed terribly as MagPul did. Their product lacks witness windows, has a proprietary floorplate that eliminated use of all the + capacity add-ons, weights, and other accessories that people seem to like, and lacks any solid reinforcement and all for the same cost as a real Glock magazine. You can see that failed attempt here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUVgu655ZRw

Elite Tactical Systems has made an impressive option. The only fault we found was that it was truly unable to hold 15 rounds. The follower bottoms out with 14 rounds. Other than that we dropped it fully-loaded onto concrete from shooting height both on it’s head and floor plate with no cracks, scratches, or rounds lost. It fed reliably while Clint unloaded. I think this is a great option for Glock owners looking for something new, different, or quicker to use than their factory magazines.


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