Another Gimmick?


(Photo from

      Hornady is a brand known for their great ammunition, and occasionally they reach out with a non-ammo product.  The Rapid Rack is one such product that I’m not too sure about.  It’s designed to serve as a chamber flag while allowing the shooter to rapidly rack their AR platform or shotgun into action.  I’m not a hunter so I can’t speak to it’s application there, and perhaps for law enforcement where they’re required to have an empty chamber and indicator it has a home, but for the average shooter it looks to me like a gimmick.  Not only is it slower and less productive than simply having the chamber loaded and firearm on safe, but it seems to emulate the abilities of the AK and other platforms with a fixed charging handle.  In the video the shooters use the same racking methods that we advocate of using the firing hand  (see our older video here: .

So what’s the private-citizen application of this device?  Just another fancy thing for the AR crowd to purchase?  What are your thoughts?


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