A Shift in Perspective


In the firearms community branding goes a long way.  We still trust names like Winchester, Springfield, Colt, and Remington despite the fact that they haven’t really done much of their own in some time.  Classic American idols like the 1911 are certainly no exception.  If it doesn’t cost more than $1,000 and doesn’t have one of the for-listed names then it can’t be any good, especially if it wasn’t made in the US of A.

Eagle Imports has made great strides to change that.  Sometimes you just can’t get the same craftsmanship for the dollar when things are made in the US.  Take a look at cars, television sets, phones…most of what we value for its quality isn’t made in the US, so why should a firearm be any different?  By importing amazing pistols like the P1 Ultra and Xcalibur by Grand Power Eagle Imports has rocked the industry.  We recently took a look at another of their imports, the Bobcut by Metro Arms.

All of the cuts, checkering, rounding, dehorning, and other high-end features that I once paid Springfield a couple thousand dollars to do to my existing Springfield come standard.  The fit and finish is excellent, and style handsomely compliments the classic 1911 design.  I could have bought at least three Bobcuts for what I spent on my Springfield ten years ago.  Considering inflation and the other sad states of our economy that’s saying a lot.  It appears that while American culture has shifted towards disposable goods things in the Phillipines have remained focused on craftsmanship, and unlike the big names in America they have something to prove.  The pride of quality can be felt in the gun, and pride can be felt in owning one.

Take a look at our reviews linked below, and snatch one of these gems up before the rest of the market realizes what value they are.

Unboxing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYwpOqBuAKo

Shooting Impressions: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQMsaATi8kA


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