The Master Round

Something Wicked
Beautiful crafted

The Classic Home Defense Shotgun

            Depending on where you grew up the shotgun as a home defense weapon was likely more dominant than the handgun of today.  One of the attractions to the shotgun is of course that it fires shot instead of a single bullet and so the errant mind feels that aiming is less important.  In today’s law-suit-happy world we’ve moved away from that thought (unless you’re Joe Biden in which case discharging two shots into the air is ok.  Illegal, but the VP said it was ok…).

The handgun has given us increased capacity and ease of use in cramped areas but at the cost of energy.  It simply doesn’t generate the same force that a shotgun could.  Many make that sacrifice in the name of accuracy because nothing would be worse than trying to defend your family and instead striking them with an errant shot.  This lead (ammo pun anyone?) us to frangible bullets and other specialty ammo that we pray won’t over-penetrate and hit the loved one in the next room or neighbor across the street.  There are a lot of great options out there designed with this in mind and we have tested several of them, but they still can’t deliver the same energy that a shotgun can.

Enter the OATH Tango in 12ga.  A monstrous relative of one of our favorite offering in handgun calibers.  A 602gr bullet traveling around 1,200 feet per second delivers over 2,000 foot pounds of energy.  That’s about the same as five good handgun rounds at once.  In our tests it certainly did deliver that energy; transferring ALL of it into the target and stopping about half-way through the 10% FBI gel when fired from just seven yards.  This means there is next to no chance of over-penetration.  It also makes it perhaps the first round we’ve tested capable of not just knocking someone off their feet, but also back a ways like we see in our favorite cliché action movies.  Spectacular? Yes, but more importantly dislodging your target from its position is important because it gives their body a chance to convince them it’s over and to let the fight end.  That’s of course if being slammed with the same force as the weight of a full-grown grizzly bear didn’t liquefy their organs first.  The OATH Tango in 12 ga is certainly one of the most wicked rounds we’ve ever tested which may lead a court to want to argue that you, the homeowner are the evil one, but I’ll take that chance while remaining alive and knowing that I did my part to ensure no one got hurt who didn’t need to.  Hunters might find this round to be a time saver as I doubt many animals would scamper off after taking one of these.  It’s been a long wait for this round, but well worth it in our opinion.   Footage of this beast can be seen here:

O12 After 2
Wicked After

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