Making Trigger Time Affordable

One of the challenges we face in trying to test and review so many products is the cost of ammo.  Even if a firearm is consigned or loaned to us we still need ammunition to shoot through it.  As referred to in our earlier post about the cost of testing ammunition YouTubing is not cheap.  Especially when you run a channel like we do and refuse to accept payments for our reviews.  We don’t want a paycheck muddying our clarity while we test and review.  So how does one save money on ammo?

Bulk ammo is by far the best way to go.  Without much effort you can easily save 5 cents or more PER SHOT when you purchase by the case.  The problem of course then is being able to cough out the $350 or more one can expect to pay for a case.  Consider that you’ll likely want more than one caliber and now we’re approaching or exceeding $1,000 for ammo.  There aren’t many significant others out there who are willing to let you get away with that, and even if you could afford it without getting in trouble where to you store all that ammo?  I’m fortunate (or crazy) enough to have an entire dedicated room in the house for ammo and accessories, but sadly I recognize that is uncommon.  Enter Ammo Squared.

See Ammo Squared Here

           Ammo Squared is a company that had the brilliant idea of buying ammo in bulk, then selling it in more casual quantities at near-bulk pricing on a subscription basis.  Similar to the way a lot of people already get their hygiene, pet, or other needs.  You decide which calibers you want and how frequently.  You pay per caliber and once a month at the listed cost per round they will send you as many rounds in that caliber you have paid for.  You can ask them to hold singles until you have a complete box of ammo, or just send what you’ve paid for each month.  Any lose rounds are packaged smartly in a vacuum-sealed bag with the caliber, make, quantity, and date.  It’s brilliant!  This also help with budgeting for ammo, and saves those annoying trips to the store just to find out that they’re currently out of stock in the one caliber you really wanted.  It’s also a great way to try different brands and types of ammo without committing to a case of it.

                                     Video of Our Experience

As always, we don’t receive a single penny for this.  We are simply spreading the word on products we encounter.


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