Send it Home!

In the dying era of tacticool there are still some tactics trends out there that I can’t bear.  If a method works for you then it is right for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate.  For example the “Costa” grip on a rifle (extending the support arm and holding the rifle near the muzzle).  To my knowledge this method began in the 60’s when the early M16’s had full auto and an open bird cage type flash hider.  When shooting full-auto they of course had terrible muzzle rise and holding the rifle with an arm extended like that helped control the muzzle.  Later it was determined that full auto was wasteful and the M16 was reduced to 3-round bursts making that grip style a solution to a nonexistant problem.  Somehow decades later this method resurfaced and was made famous by tacticool instructor Chris Costa and then seemingly became the only way to hold an AR-series rifle.  That is unless of course you’ve been to combat in which case you realize that this method is awkward and slow in close quarters or reactionary situations, but I digress.

Another method that seems to have zombied it’s way back into trend is to ignore the slide release and slingshot the slide forward after seating a new magazine.  This method has its merits if the firearms is unreliable, extremely dirty, or poorly fit to the shooter’s hand.  Otherwise I disagree and find it quicker and more efficient to just use the slide release.  Once again my methods are best….for me.  This may not be what works for you, but as with any method it’s worth giving a try.  See the video for complete explanation.

Send it Home!


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