More Than it Seems

A simple bit of brilliance that I’d been holding on to since January was the Abdo by EAA.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but after getting one of the guns small enough to fit in it, the Ruger LCP I was in fact impressed.  The Abdo is comfortable and practical.  Perhaps the biggest issue some might have with it is that you can not carry a round in the chamber, but as demonstrated in the video above incorporating a slide rack into the draw isn’t impossible.  I’m sure nay-sayers will complain that this isn’t ideal, but no form of concealed carry ever is ideal; it’s always a mix of compromises.  Most experienced shooters and carriers of concealed firearms have more than one method, this may be an additional method worth adding.  For a full review of the product see the video on our channel: Abdo Review


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