Stag Arms Model 3 AR-15

The AR-15 is one of those rifles that every gun-owner either owns or will own.  As a modern sporting rifle its versatility for plinking, target shooting, hunting, and home defense is undeniable.  Add to that an aftermarket quite possibly unmatched by any other product in an owner’s household and its appeal grows even more.

After the scare in 2012 it seems you can’t through a rock without hitting a new AR company offering something they allege is different and better than any other.  Prices can range from $400 to over $2,000; often with little explanation.  So what makes a good AR?  With all the aftermarket parts available where does one start?  The answer is in the bones.  Perhaps the easiest parts to overlook.

The Model 3 starts with mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum for both upper and lower with the

A very snug upper-to-lower fit

upper being forged.  The fit between these two is vital as it impacts both feed angle and what happens after ignition.  A rocking upper can impact accuracy, but that is not a concern with the Stag Arms Model 3: the fit is so tight that I  had to drive out the front take-down pin for a complete disassembly.

This solid frame is what holds the 16” barrel firmly in place.  Made of 4140 steel and chrome lined the barrel is button rifled with a 1/9 twist and chambered for 5.56mm.  This chambering and rifling combination means the rifle will safely and accurately fire just about every common 5.56mm or .223 caliber round available.

The Diamondhead Handguard is a Favorite

The rest of the rifle consists of what many shooters end up changing over time and Stag has wisely not wasted any or added undue expense on the owner with their use of mil-spec parts for a rifle that is ready to use as is, or to accept aftermarket parts with minimal fuss.  Where possible Stag has added their touch to the model 3 with their own branded stock, magazine, and a brilliant handguard that satisfies both the minimalist and geardo.

As a former Soldier and two-war vet I found the handguard especially appealing.  Devoid

Smooth to the touch, but ready for attachments

of any sharp edges it rests nicely in the hand with swells to grip, but nothing to snag.  Ample airflow keeps temperature down while drilled and tapped holes along the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position mean that future additions can be made if needed.



Model 3 Sling.jpgAnother simple addition that saves the new owner trouble is the double-sided sling mount plate on the back of the receiver.  Additionally the rifle features the standard charging handle and time-proven A2 flash hider.  While neither of these are exciting, they do let Stag keep the consumer’s price down and save those changes for the user if necessary later on.  To see this rifle up close in a table-top review click here

All-in-all the Model 3 is a solid platform that served us well with zero malfunctions experienced out of the box even with various aftermarket magazines.  To see this rifle in action and a demonstration of its handling click here

A nice “touch” is the enhanced checkering on the grip

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