The Diamondback DB9

Despite being around since 2011 not much is seen of the Diamondback DB9, but then again

The DB9 is only slightly larger than the popular Ruger LCP

that’s the idea of a pocket gun.  At just .80” wide and 4” tall the Diamondback DB9 is only slightly larger than the Ruger LCP and yet provides 6+1 capacity of the more powerful, affordable, and available 9x19mm round.  An unloaded weight of just 11 ounces means you might need the included soft case to not lose the gun in your range bag.


For more table-top and unboxing see the video here: Diamondback DB9 Unboxing and Tabletop Review


Light grip texturing

Features are minimal as one would expect on a minimalist gun.  Front and rear serrations are adequate as are texturing on the front and back strap to help the shooter hold on to such a tiny gun.  Reminding us that this is a pocket gun, the slide does not lock open nor will the magazine eject freely.

If you’ve wondered about recoil management in such a small and lightweight gun your thoughts are in the right place.  For larger-handed shooters it can be punishing while those able to fit two complete fingers on the stock may find it more bearable.  As a consolation for larger shooters logic stands that you’re also more likely able to conceal a larger gun with less effort.

Relief does exist however with some of the recent “lite” loads developed specifically for pockets guns like this.  In our testing, we found Hornady’s Critical Defense Lite to not only reduce recoil, but also cycle just fine and provide increased accuracy.  This is commendable for Diamondback as these light loads have been found to not cycle well in other guns but ran smoothly and most importantly comfortably in the DB9.

Shooting Impressions can be seen here: DB9 Shooting Impressions Video

No matter how you cut it pockets guns like the Diamondback DB9 require compromises in comfort and features to remain so small and light.  Diamondback has accomplished a lot by designing and producing such a micro 9mm that certainly answers the call for a pocket gun that is big enough for 9mm, but still small enough to slip into a pocket.

Thinner than most wallets, the DB9 fits easily into a pocket.

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