What’s New at GBGuns?

I haven't been posting here as often recently, but wanted to assure you that our work continues.  Most articles are now published either on AmmoLand or TheArmsGuide.  Those links will take you directly to the article list by yours truly.  Content on the two varies depending on where it is most appropriate. Thank you for checking … Continue reading What’s New at GBGuns?


The Diamondback DB9

Despite being around since 2011 not much is seen of the Diamondback DB9, but then again that’s the idea of a pocket gun.  At just .80” wide and 4” tall the Diamondback DB9 is only slightly larger than the Ruger LCP and yet provides 6+1 capacity of the more powerful, affordable, and available 9x19mm round.  … Continue reading The Diamondback DB9